More Control Over Flavor Profiles

Custom blends are a unique & specialized aspect of consumer goods. These blends are formulated by combining various components & ingredients tailored to meet customers’ specific needs & preferences. H. Nagel and Son Company (Brighton Mills) was founded by nineteen year old Henry Nagel, an immigrant from Germany. Eventually settling in Cincinnati, Henry worked on Ohio and Mississippi River steamboats until 1853. With that experience, he established the first steam operated flour mill in Cincinnati. While Henry initially looked to farming, he decided to pursue milling in 1857 leading to the creation of Brighton Mills. The enterprise was prosperous from the beginning and eventually moved operations to Spring Grove Avenue in Cincinnati, Ohio.Through the years, Brighton Mills has enjoyed continuous success and has remained a vital and lasting name in the business. William Nagel, a graduate of Massachusetts Institute of Technology, lead the business up to his retirement in 2012. The current president, his son, Edward brightonmills Nagel earned his degree in Milling Science and Management at Kansas State University. Ted oversees operations at the Spring Grove, Cincinnati facility and West Harrison, Indiana.In the culinary world, there’s an art & science to selecting the right ingredients. Among them, specialty blends are pivotal, acting as the backbone of many iconic dishes. The secret often lies in the mix, from the crispy exterior of a perfectly fried chicken to the delicate crust of a golden fish fillet. When you think of chicken breading, poultry is understandably the first thing that comes to mind. However, the versatility of our chicken breading mixtures extends far beyond just that. Crafted with precision & care, our breading guarantees a burst of flavor and offers remarkable versatility.

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